Smokin’ What I Sell: How I Put my Family Before my Business

Over the past year I have spoken to numerous entrepreneurs who are always looking to find balance in their work life. They are constantly working, always answering emails and in the end getting no more work done + worse neglecting their family.

With millions of women attempting to be stay at home Moms and Wives while running their own businesses (including myself) I wanted to be sure to address such an important issue.

So today I’m tackling something all of us need to make sure we are boss of…our priorities. Any spouse + parent knows that blood comes before business, right?! Here are 5 ways to make sure you are practicing what you preach.

  1. Set weekly work hours– This will ensure that you stick to your work schedule and don’t feel tempted to work late into the night or all day and leave your spouse + kids all alone without their favorite ladybird.
  2. Take the weekends off– Give yourself at LEAST two days a week to be detached from your work. You will be surprised how refreshed + creative you will feel when you come back to it, no to mention how grateful your family will be that they have you all to themselves.
  3. Turn notifications off– Yeah, I said it. When you are at home, you are at home. That means physically and emotionally. Turning off your email and social media notifications will allow you to be fully present for all of your families memorable + camera worthy occasions.
  4. Cut the biz talk down to once a week– Your husband or bf is most likely sick of hearing you talk about your biz all day. I experienced this first hand when launching my site. That is all I thought about and it was close to all I talked about. My husband was fed up. So learn from my mistake, and cut all the big biz plannin’ chats down to once a week.
  1. Use a journal to note your big ideas-If you are like me, your right brain comes to life when you are doing dishes, laundry, or hanging with the fam. Instead of jumping on them and taking action when you should be enjoying your time at home, grab your journal and write them down.

It has taken me a long time to get these practices down, and yes I slip up. When there are big launches or guest posts, yes I work more + possibly stress more.  Ask my husband….he has stories.

I will tell you this…that biz of yours, it isn’t going to snuggle up to you and give you smooches at night and tell you it loves you.

What practices do you have in place to put your family before your business? Do tell. I’m all ears over here.

*I know, I know I was supposed to be shinin’ at ya on camera today, but babykins was sick and got my schedule out of wack, see you next Monday:)