The Regret Manifesto

Note from Erin: This week on the mic is Emelie Rota (read about her below in her bio) she’s wrapping up our months posts on regret…in a poetic way.

drop regret from your word wardrobe.
the accessory of the day is presence.

don’t you think you’d enjoy now more
without a flickering strobe on all that you didn’t do?

instead flick your eyes upon this moment
and drink it in like soul tonic over ice.

what is it anyway, that didn’t happen?
do you even remember?

or are you holding onto the feeling of if only
because it fits better than your skinny jeans?

step onto the platform of your greatness


step up to the mic

and count down the seconds until you
make. s***. happen.

it’s up to you.

no one else can put on the big girl pants
and breathe life into your life.

you gotta do it yourself, honey.
you gotta sweeten up the pot.

you have to reach out,

amp up
dream big.

it’s time to tie your red balloon dream onto a shooting star
and let it freaking fly.

don’t worry about why you didn’t do it sooner
or whether it’s too soon
or whether you’ll crash and burn
or whether you’ll go broke

How long do you have here?
An hour, a day, a decade….

Do you think your piddly puddle of regrets stands the test of time?

What mark are you leaving on the world?

When will you start?


Because you can start anew every day if you want.
Fall and fail and flail…
it’s better than being numb.

Step up.

Don’t look back.

Don’t look forward.

Just gaze into your presentreality

and find the fractures beautiful.

Emelie Rota of Revellish spent years in the corporate hamster wheel + now is an intuitive designer + holistic brand builder. She wants to help you find your authentic brand voice + ignite your soul. Connect with her on her site HERE or on Twitter @revellish.